K-Pop Star Kang Daniel Becomes Fastest Person to Reach Million Instagram Followers

South Korean K-Pop star Kang Daniel breaks pope's Instagram fans recordDid you know that the Pope reached a million Instagram followers a mere twelve hours after he opened up his account? Indeed, the Pope’s official Instagram account held the title of being the fastest to reach a million Instagram followers beating the previous record holder who was none other than David Beckham. Now, even the Pope has been dethroned by none other than Kang Daniel, a world famous K-Pop star that managed to get a million followers in an astonishing 11 hours and 36 minutes.

Daniel has now gone well past that number after just a handful of posts, all of which have gotten nearly a million likes and countless comments as well. An important thing to note here is that countries other than America are starting to become major cultural exporters, something that indicates a massive cultural shift occurring which was only made possible by the great equalizer that is the Internet (or more precisely we can call it social media).
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Meanwhile, Daniel looks like he is going to enjoy a long and successful career on Instagram. The band he is part of, an eleven piece ensemble by the name of Wanna One, is disbanding after a few final shows, so this Instagram account may be an attempt to establish a presence of his own and get some individuality which might have been difficult to do otherwise in a band that has nearly a dozen people in it.

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That being said, Daniel has a long road ahead before he is able to approach the most popular stars on the platform which include Cristiano Ronaldo who has a hundred and fifty million followers, second only to the platform’s own account! At the rate that he’s growing, though, chances are that he could end up overtaking Ronaldo himself.

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Featured Photo: Han Myung-Gu / WireImage / Gettyimages
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