Google Photos Experiments With Side Scrolling Interface

Google Photos has come under a lot of fire recently for the fact that the user interface leaves much to be desired. The great thing is that there are plenty of updates that are coming that are going to completely change the interface and make it a lot better in the long run. One of the updates that seems to be coming might give Google Photos a side scrolling interface.

One of the problems with the current interface is that it is kind of old fashioned. If you want to share a picture with someone you are going to have to scroll through a list of contacts which is not intuitive at all. The new interface is a lot more intuitive because of the fact that it gives you two separate sections one that shows you a side scrolling view of your contacts and one that would show you the various apps that you can use the pictures that you might be looking at during that particular moment in time.

Google Photos tries on a new side-scrolling share menu for contacts and sharing menu
Screenshot: Androidpolice

The search feature is still there which is a relief because users tend to have a lot of contacts and usually scrolling all the way through your contact list is something that could potentially end up creating a lot of unnecessary delays.

Overall this new look will be a welcome change to Google Photos, and might just make a lot more people inclined to check the platform out. Currently the platform is struggling a bit but this update could change all of that. The photo sharing features definitely need to become more intuitive however, and the changes that are coming to the sharing carousel are going to serve as an excellent step in the right direction that should be followed by several more.

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