Google speaks: Debunks all myths stamping Google Maps as spooky

The satellite view of Google Maps and Google Street view has been termed as scary content by a majority of internet users. However, are these images actually scary or is the label just a myth?

Apparently, Google has officially made an announcement where it debunks some of the most popular myths regarding the images captured via Maps and Street View.
"An extra leg. A super long arm. A shadowy figure. Even a plane in a lake. If you creep around Maps satellite imagery or Street View long enough, you’ll run into some seemingly spooky images. But don’t jump to any quick conclusions—they're never what they seem.", said Google in a blog post.
Take a look at each of the controversial image below.

Image # 1

Boo-gle? Google shares its creepiest Maps views for Halloween

Myth: Google Street View has captured a portal to another dimension.

Google: The extraordinary colors and shades are simply a result of low light and nothing more.

Image #2

A ghost plane and a portal to another dimension star in a spooky collection of weird Google Maps images

Myth: The satellite view shows a commercial aircraft plunging into the Lake Harriet of Minnesota.

Google: Since each satellite image is a compilation of several images – the picture does give the impression that the plane is underwater. However, since the Google Maps satellite has captured a fast moving object – only a faint remnant is visible.

Image #3

Google Debunks Spooky Google Maps Myths

Myth: The image looks like a gateway to a spirit realm, with a ghost on its way in.

Google: In reality, Google left the camera cover on by mistake which explains the dark and gray image.
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Image #4

Google speaks: Debunks all myths stamping Google Maps as spooky

Myth: This image appears as a ghost is standing between the two pillars located on the left side of the door.

Google: To the audience’s amusement, Google Street View captures ghostly figures often. However, this happens because the camera takes snapshots as the objects move and are combined together before being uploaded to the app.

In fact, the same result can occur if someone walks by when you are in the midst of taking a panorama with your phone.

Image #5

Creepy images on Maps—and why they’re actually not that creepy

Myth: OMG! The Darth Vader taking out the garbage?

Google: Don’t be apprehensive! It is not Darth Vader but someone in a costume imitating to be him.
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