Operating Systems Race: Microsoft's Windows 10 Finally Overtakes Windows 7 Market Share

Windows 10 Market Share Exceeded Windows 7 in December 2018, according to Net Applications dataIf you have been a Microsoft Windows user for some time, you would know by this point that the good versions alternate with the bad ones. For example, we got the iconic Windows XP which was followed by the notorious Vista. Vista was followed up by Windows 7 which pretty much everyone agrees is an iconic iteration of this operating system (OS). Windows 8 was as poorly received as Vista, and it was followed by Windows 10 which everyone agreed was a big upgrade and proved to be a saving grace for Microsoft.

Windows 7 continued to be the most popular operating system offered by Microsoft because of the reason that people are slow to adopt new technologies. It takes time for newly launched operating systems to rise up in terms of market share. Hence, even though Windows 10 was released a few years ago, it was only now that it finally managed to overtake Windows 7 in terms of market share.

39.22% of all web traffic that Microsoft is able to monitor comes from a device that is using Windows 10. Windows 7, on the other hand, has fallen to a little over 36%.

Net Applications Data Shows, Windows 10 Market Share Exceeded Windows 7 in December 2018

It should be noted that over 87% of all operating systems in use are some form of Windows. Microsoft has managed to create a monopoly in the operating system market. The only real competitors are Mac OS, which only works with Apple products and is thus not as accessible, as well as Linux based operating systems which are not that popular because there is not enough awareness around them.

However, certain emerging economies such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. have been found to still prefer Windows 7 to some extent, although this will probably change as time goes on.

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