Facebook Introduces Call-To-Action Buttons For Pages Stories and Saved Tab For Instagram's IGTV Videos

Facebook Introduces Call-To-Action Buttons For Pages Stories and Saved Tab For Instagram's IGTV VideosBoth Facebook and Instagram have been becoming increasingly brand-centric based on a lot of the updates they have been rolling out recently. One of the latest updates that Facebook has implemented further cements this trajectory. Basically, if you own a page and you upload a Story, you can now add a call to action to that story, as noted by social media strategist Matt Navarra and AhmedHGhanam.

Facebook Stories now let you add Call To Action Button stickers for Business Pages

The great thing is that this feature has a very low bar for entry. Any page will be able to add a call to action to their Stories, something that would really level the playing field and allow smaller businesses to promote themselves in a manner that might even bring them on par with their more prominent competitors.

Updates have also come to Instagram, although this update in particular is centered more on the average user. In fact, it would be more accurate to state that this update if focused more specifically on making Instagram TV a more viable competitor to some of its more established competitors such as YouTube. This new update tackles a problem that a lot of people have had with YouTube for quite some time. You basically now have the option to save videos that you find on IGTV, in a separate 'Saved' tab.

You can tap the three-dots on an IGTV post to ‘save’ a video
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This shows a much more mobile centric approach which is a good way to move forward. However, a lot of content creators might take issue with the fact that Instagram is letting people save their content. This could potentially lead to piracy, which might make the platform seem a lot less viable for people that want a place where they can upload the content that they are creating. This might not have been the best move for Instagram, although time will tell whether this approach will end up working out in the long run.

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