Facebook Tests Out New Features in Jobs and Groups Sections

Facebook’s “Job” page is one of the newest additions to the site. It makes sense, after all people were informally getting jobs all the time through Facebook, it is understandable that the social media platform would want to try to legitimize and regulate the section so that it can take more credit for it and make sure that it does not get misused in any way.
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The social media platform has been celebrating the New Year testing out a new feature in the Jobs section, as tweeted by social media app researcher Jane Manchun Wong. These feature will allow you to toggle your desired salary. This is pretty useful because it can filter out jobs that are of no use to you since they would not be paying you enough to enable you to sustain your life. On the other hand, jobs that would be paying too high salary might not be accessible to you because of the fact that you won’t have the necessary qualifications to enable you to acquire that job.

Facebook is testing salary filter in jobs search

The Jobs section is not the only part of Facebook where new features were tested out. Facebook has been putting a lot of emphasis on its Groups as well. This is mostly done in an attempt to make Facebook seem like more of a community. The tested out update was a redesigned tab for the Groups section, as well as a brand new version of the Groups Discover page. These updates make the Groups feature seem even more useful, especially when you consider the detail that the new aesthetic is quite pleasant to see.

Chances are that the new features being tested out are going to become very prominent, so they are definitely going to get launched quite soon.

Facebook is testing redesigned Groups tab and redesigned Groups Discover page

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