Fortnite Reportedly Earned Hundreds of Millions on iOS Devices Alone

Fortnite made nearly half a billion dollars on just Apple devices in 2018, according to this new dataIn 2018, a video game was released that you have probably heard of. This game was called Fortnite, and it was an extremely important part of the gaming landscape of 2018, so much so that it became enormously popular. Over the course of the year, Fortnite ended up earning nearly half a billion dollars just from iOS devices which should give you a pretty good indication of just how ubiquitous this game has become. What’s more is that the game earned this number in eight months because of the fact that that was how long it was available for last year.

While the game is available on a wide variety of devices, it seems that people prefer to play it on the iPhone and iPad because these are the platforms upon which it was found to be most popular. Indeed, the game earned seventy million dollars in December alone from just iOS devices. This is not surprising when you consider the fact that the game has been downloaded over eighty million times from the Apple App Store.
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Apple keeps a thirty percent cut of all of the money earned by the apps available on the App Store. Hence, the tech giant ended up earning tens of millions of dollars just from this game. In light of this it really isn’t surprising at all that the creators of Fortnite, namely Epic Games, decided that they would not put their Android app up on the Google Play Store, but would instead make it available on their website and its own app store. Google is missing out on enormous amounts of profit as a result of this fact, but the fact that the tech giant is so lax in its policies is a big part of the reason why people love it in the first place.

Fortnite Grossed Nearly Half a Billion Dollars Last Year on iOS
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