Fortnite Creators Are Planning To Bring Games Store to Android

If there is one thing that people can agree on, it is that monopolies are never a good thing especially if you are talking about the gaming industry. Monopolies can potentially end up destroying creativity, which is why there need to be as many options as possible. Fortnite has taken the world of gaming by storm, so much so that pretty much everyone out there is playing the game and attempting to master it in one way or another. What’s more is that certain people have made entire careers out of playing the game at competitions and for audiences.

The studio behind Fortnite, Epic Games, is planning to launch the Epic Games Store on Android, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. It is basically an alternative store that comes in app form. This is a lot like the Epic Games Store that was launched on PC recently, and indeed you are going to be getting the exact same games as well. This could potentially be a game changer for the app world, and could possibly even make Google reconsider its revenue split policy because of the fact that this is something that the tech giant has potentially never seen before.
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If you are an iOS user, you should know that Epic Games Store probably won’t be coming to your own app store anytime soon. This is because of the reason that the Epic Game Store in its current form violates Apple’s App Store policy according to statement given by the company, although the exact nature of this policy violation is not yet known. Epic Game Store also probably won’t be coming to PlayStation or Xbox because programming for that hardware would make costs too high, although the company will continue to put effort into cross platform collaboration and functionality for the time being.

Epic Games Store Coming to Android This Year With Its Own Apps. Its Own App Store Could End Google, Apple Market Domination
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