Instagram Gets More Brand Centric With Call to Action Buttons

It’s been a couple of years now since Instagram starting experimenting with a foray into the world of online shopping, and a year ago Facebook formed a team to bring Instagram to a point where this would become a reality. In this period of time, Instagram has started to become more and more brand centric, adding new features that allowed brands to advertise more effectively on the platform. One of the latest features that is being offered perhaps pushes Instagram firmly into the territory of a business centric platform.

The new feature that is being discussed here basically allows brands to add call to action buttons to their posts. This means that if you see a post about a hotel, you will see a button that says “book now” or something similar. Hence, the advertising on Instagram is probably going to get a lot pushier than it already is, to the point where a lot of the users that currently enjoy their Instagram experience might just end up getting put off by the pushiness of said brands.
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While calls to action are new to Instagram, they are an intrinsic part of what makes Facebook work so well for both companies as well as consumers. Instagram has been incorporating Facebook like features for quite some time now, and this is a big example of that happening. This will definitely make Instagram seem like a good playground for brands to try and fish for consumers in. If you use Instagram on a regular basis you are probably already seeing more ads than you used to before. Facebook’s slow conversion of Instagram into a platform that is similar to their own is well underway, and it seems like the social media giant will be further pushing this agenda.

Get ready for brands to be much more pushy on Instagram
Photo: Thomas Trutschel via Getty Images
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