Facebook Update Replaces Automatically Adding Users To Group With Invitations

A recent update from Facebook (as noted by Matt Navarra and Mari Smith) has revealed new limitations for group admins and users to add more friends in any Facebook group. The set parameters will now be able to identify the inactive users in the group, remove them and send an invitation whenever someone would want to add any user in a group.

Do you really hate being a part of certain unnecessary groups in which your friends have added you without your permission? Well, Facebook is coming out to save you from the misery of receiving unwanted notifications and posts on your newsfeed.

With an aim to give more control to the users of their newsfeed and what they would like to see generally on Facebook, this update has brought the feature of an invitation for the targeted users rather than the notification of being added to the group.

As these people never really visit the group therefore it also adds up as an additional advantage for group admins to inflate the size, so now new users won’t be added automatically. Instead these users will have to manually accept the invitation by visiting the group and in the meanwhile it will also remain as 'Invited' in the group admin dashboard.
"In the next few weeks, people who've been added to your group — but have never visited it — will appear in the new Invited section of your Members list, which only admins and moderators can view.", reads a Facebook notification.
With this, such users will no longer be included in the total group member count as well, which might just be very alarming for some groups to see their audience figures drop very soon.

Currently, Facebook is allowing admins to send one reminder note to each invitee for joining their group but if the user ignores to take any action, then they won't be added and the invitation will also vanish after some time.

It seems like that Facebook is understanding the privacy needs of every user in the right way and therefore for this purpose the above mentioned change would be visible to the users in the upcoming weeks.

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