Three Facebook employees were criticized for leaving five-star review for Portal device on Amazon

Some Facebook employees busted for leaving five-star reviews for Portal on AmazonIt is quite embarrassing for the employees of a reputed digital company, while they caught leaving 5-star reviews with tempting comments for their own portal on Amazon. Social media users have ironically criticized them, because they were not expecting this kind of act from the employees of a big tech giant, Facebook.

In the very first he was Mr. Kevin Roose, a Tech columnist who noticed, that name of Facebook reviewer and the name of Facebook employees are the same.

Amazon's purchase system shows that these employees have purchased the products and willingly sent the reviews to convince people. It is point to be noted that as per the Amazon guideline, it is against the rule and regulation that any employee or relative cannot create, modify or post any content regarding his own product or company.

However, Facebook executive Andrew “Boz” Bosworth has not only confirmed the situation, but also expressed that company do not encourage this kind of acts and also criticize it.
"Neither coordinated nor directed from the company. From an internal post at the launch: We, unequivocally, DO NOT want Facebook employees to engage in leaving reviews for the products that we sell to Amazon. We will ask them to take down.", explained Boz in a tweet.
Speaking of coordinated inauthentic behavior, what are the odds that all these 5-star Facebook Portal reviewers on Amazon just happen to have the same names as Facebook employees?
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Some senior level Facebook employees busted leaving 5-star reviews for Portal on Amazon

These Facebook employees are: Tim Chappell, also the name of the head of supply-chain & strategic sourcing AR / VR products; Javier Cubria, an event marketer at Facebook; and Oren Hafif, a security engineering manager at the company. Facebook is an enormous company, but unfortunately due to high competition in the market and these types of misdeeds, it is losing its credibility.

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