Facebook Brings More Cross-Posting Features To Better Integrate Instagram And Its Main Social Network

Facebook Is Adding More Cross-Posting Options For Better Instagram IntegrationFacebook is becoming a better friend every day as with its continuous developments, users are now able to cross-post their content between Facebook and Instagram in much better ways. The latest update in the list now let users post their content on both platforms together.

A social media expert Matt Navarra, has recently highlighted the option offered by Facebook in which a Page admin can share an update on multiple platforms simultaneously. Previously, it was only limited to putting the post in your Story too but now it has been extended to cross-posting to Instagram as well.

Along with this, some users are also getting more integration options especially when they are about to publish a text-only post in which users can also attach a picture from their Instagram profiles with it.

Now You Can Cross-Post To Instagram Directly From Facebook (Without switching the social network / apps)

In another news, it has been reported that swipe-up' functionality of Instagram stories, that let users add links with it, will now also be available for Facebook Stories. This aims to bring more ease to brands who want to boost up their online presence overall. Its effectiveness and right use of potential will however depend on the brand itself.

The benefits of this cross-posting culture is obviously huge. While this would give more content options to the users and businesses to promote themselves on social media, it would also be a perfect trick to increase engagement on attached platforms.
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Over the time, Instagram has been able to take advantage of not associating with Facebook much but with recent developments it seems like that maybe it's the right time to consider cross-posting benefits over reputation which was once affected by privacy issues of Facebook.

Now with less effort, users would be able to do more but it all also comes down to choosing the right target audience.

Featured photo: CreativeNature_nl / Getty Images
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