Google tops the list of tech companies with the best company culture

Google ranks the highest in the list of US tech companies with the best ‘culture’ – report by Comparably states.

Company culture and the workplace atmosphere are essential for the success of the business. Having employees that are satisfied with the professional environment have increased productivity, better energy levels, and are less stressed-out during the 9 to 5 work-shift. The company culture also has a major impact on recruiting and retaining employees in the competitive IT market.

The workplace culture and compensation-monitoring site Comparably took anonymous feedback from employees working at different places who shared their views regarding all aspects of the company including its environment, compensation, benefits, and leadership.

Google received the highest rankings for their positive corporate culture that also includes keeping up with the deadlines of IT projects, successful digital transformation efforts, and preventing employee burnout.
"The winners of Comparably’s annual Best Company Culture for 2018 received the highest ratings by employees who provided anonymous feedback on a variety of workplace culture questions ranging from work environment to compensation to leadership on Comparably.", explained Comparably in a blog post. Adding further, "The award winners are segmented into two ranked lists: Top 50 Large companies (more than 500 employees) and Top 50 Small/Mid-Size companies (less than 500 employees)."
Here is the list of top 10 US companies with the best workplace environment, according to the report.

1. Costco

2. Google

3. T-Mobile

4. Hubspot

5. Aflac

6. Insight Global

7. Intuit

8. Salesforce

9. Blizzard Entertainment

10. Starbucks

Surprisingly, tech giants such as Facebook, Microsoft, and LinkedIn ranked on the 16th, 22nd, and the 25th position respectively. See the complete list in below infographic.

The 50 top companies with the best company culture in 2018
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