YouTuber Logan Paul Speaks of Destroyed Career in Confessional New Year’s Eve Comeback

Logan Paul recalls how disturbing Japanese suicide forest stunt ‘completely destroyed his brand-image’Logan Paul was possibly the biggest example of what YouTube could do to change someone’s life. Born a normal Ohio kid, Logan Paul channeled his propensity for practical jokes into a YouTube channel that eventually became a multi-million dollar media empire. Over two years Logan Paul rose to greater and greater heights, seeming pretty much unstoppable and quickly taking over as one of the most popular stars on the YouTube platform.

However, all of that changed in December of 2017 when Paul went to Japan to shoot videos in a forest that was famous for being a place where people go to commit suicide. The video received massive criticism for being distasteful and making light of suicide due to its irreverent nature, and as a result Logan Paul fell from grace and virtually disappeared for most of 2018 in site of repeated attempts to return to form.
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A video released right before New Year’s Eve has the YouTube star giving a pithy account of his rise and fall, claiming that the stunt ended up destroying his career. The video consists of a monologue spoken over a montage of clips that show big moments from Paul’s career, and the monologue describes in a rather heartfelt manner how profoundly apologetic he is.

The apology comes off as genuine, and the video is well made. It shows the trajectory of someone that truly wants to make up for the mistakes that they have made. Whether or not this will translate into genuine change and better behavior in the future remains to be seen, but for now it seems like Paul is ready to move forward and has done a good job of recovering at least some of the reputation that he lost because of the scandalous video.

Featured Photo: LoganPaul / Facebook
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