Bill Gates Reveals His Mantra for Success and Mentoring by Warren Buffet

For Bill Gates, success is not measured by the amount of money he has. The co-founder of Microsoft in his Gates Notes blog reflects on his previous years’ experience and claims that the benchmark he set for himself when he was twenty-something and starting out his entrepreneur journey are quite different from what he has now at the age of 60.

During his initial days of Microsoft, Gates writes that his prime focus was on creating personal-computing software. However, as the years passed, his perceptions have taken a broader view.

He writes that today, he asks himself a whole set of other questions about life. “Did I give ample time to my family? Did I learn new things? Did I make new friends and deepen the old ones?” However, he states that at the age of 25, these questions may have seemed laughable but as he grew older, they become more meaningful.

In his blog, Gates also shares how his wife Melinda Gates broadened his thinking and influenced his perspective on life.

He also acclaimed close friend and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway - Warren Buffett to touch his life by teaching him that the measure of success is not through the net worth but by ‘having people you care about loving you back.’

For the coming year, Gates is hoping to participate generously in causes close to his heart including that of Alzheimer’s research, enhancing the use of renewable energy, and eradication of polio.
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He also writes that while he is not the biggest fan of New Year’s resolution, his plan for 2019 is to learn and think about two key areas where technology has the potential to make an enormous impact on the quality of our lives. One is the balance between privacy and innovation while the second is the use of technology in education.

For those who are unaware, Bill Gates is the second most generous philanthropist in the US. Last year, he was unseated from his top spot on the world’s richest billionaires list by Jeff Bezos because he gave part of his fortune to others through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Billionaire Bill Gates Discloses His Ultimate Measure of Success — And How His Mentor Warren Buffett Helped Him Discover It
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