Apple Temporarily Disables Facetime After The Group Calling Bug

Just when things were about to become a bit better for Apple, a bug has been discovered by 9to5Mac in the iPhone's most fancy video calling app, FaceTime. This bug is not only putting user's privacy at risk but also causing more panic for Apple as their Facetime Group Calling was one of the most notable features that the company announced last year during the September 2018’s keynote.

As per the reports, the group calling feature came out in the recent update of iOS 12.1 and due to this bug the person calling can hear the recipient's voice even before they answer your call. Along with that, few other users have also noted that when they decline the call using the power button, their video still continues to stream on the caller’s phone.

Responding to the issue, Apple has currently disabled the group Facetime feature and said that they will roll it out again after fixing the bug.

This issue has also been addressed with serious concern by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and even Andrew Cuomo, governor of the state of New York, asking users to disable Facetime till it gets fixed.

It indeed is a terrible time to face such a bug as prior to this, Apple has been extremely vocal about privacy and customer data protection. They were also about to announce the earnings call for the October-December quarter of 2018. That being said, we hope Apple overcomes this challenge as soon as possible.

Apple temporarily disables group FaceTime to fix a bug that lets you eavesdrop on your contacts
Photo: Noga Raviv / BuzzFeed News
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