Bluetooth Will Soon Become More Accurate At Finding Objects

Bluetooth is going to be more precise in the upcoming months as with a new feature, which is under the development phase, it will now let companies track the objects ranging up to centimeters.

To make this happen, Bluetooth SIG, Inc. is going to combine its object-tracking technology with radio direction, a system that will further strengthen accuracy of signals and obtain precise measurement. Together, this would have the potential to bring the much needed change in tracking technology.

As of now, Bluetooth tracks items by measuring the signal strength of lost objects which should be in its wide accuracy range of 1-10 meters. But once the Bluetooth Special Interest Group rolls out with the new feature, it will also let gadgets know about the direction of a signal along with its measurement down to centimeters.

While it's a significant improvement for locating missing gadgets, one can also use this technology for more accurate tracking in indoor spaces as well where previously Bluetooth beacons were being used to help people navigate.

The advantages of this new Bluetooth tracking system are huge but at the same time the company can know about user's location too at any time if it wants to.

Bluetooth Enhances Support for Location Services with New Direction Finding Feature

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