Worldwide Data Theft After Malware Infects Google Play Store

Google has not been having an easy time of late what with all of the cyber attacks that are occurring right under its nose. These cyber attacks are quickly becoming more and more frequent. Google+ suffered two in a row and Google ended up shutting it down, but now malware has infected one of the central properties that Google uses in order to maintain its business: the Play Store.

A powerful malware has infected the Play Store through a variety of low quality games and other kinds of apps. If you download these apps you will start sharing your location as well as a variety of other data to a malicious entity that would attempt to use this information to steal money from you or worse. The data packages being sent could potentially contain some extremely sensitive information that could potentially cause a lot of problems for a lot of people in the long run.

Google has not been doing a very good job of protecting its users from the various malicious entities that are out there trying to steal their data. The most egregious of these data thefts ended up with millions of people having their data stolen. This attack only harmed a hundred thousand users, but that number is also very high and it could have been far higher as well because of the fact that the hundred thousand people that were affected were from nearly two hundred countries.

The vastness of this cyber attack is what is particularly concerning. The apps could have been innocuous at first but had the capacity to be edited later on and have the malicious software installed onto them after users had downloaded them. Google has now removed the apps but the frequency with which these things are happening is concerning.

This data-stealing Android malware infiltrated the Google Play Store, infecting users in 196 countries
Photo: Engadget
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