China's Social Networking Giant WeChat Added to the List of Companies Copying Snapchat’s Stories

China’s WeChat is the latest to get Snap-like ‘Stories’Snapchat’s Stories feature has been one of the mainstays of the social media platform and big reason why the platform became so popular in the first place. This is probably why there are so many platforms out there that are copying this feature. Most of these platforms such as WhatsApp and Instagram are owned by Facebook which also provides a stories feature for you to use. However, the list of companies that are copying Snapchat has now extended beyond Facebook.

WeChat recently launched a feature that it referred to as “Time Capsule”. This feature essentially allows you to record short, temporary clips that you can send to your friends. While there is no dedicated section for this feature, the basic functionality is the exact same as that of Snapchat’s Stories.

China's Social Networking Giant WeChat Added to List of Companies Copying Snapchat’s Stories

WeChat does get points for thinking of a new and rather interesting name, as well as the fact that it did not give this new feature a dedicated section. It should be noted that Facebook’s properties use the same name and mimic the feature a lot more accurately because of the fact that they are legitimately trying to dilute the value of Snapchat and make the service seem redundant.
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This is not quite the case with WeChat. This app is mostly used in China where Snapchat and other such apps are blocked. Hence, Snapchat probably won’t lose any users to WeChat. Still, it shows that the underdog social media platform has an uphill battle, one that is going to make it very difficult to justify its existence in a world where social media is saturating the market. Facebook’s recent controversies regarding security and user privacy might give Snapchat a bit of an edge, though. It will definitely help it recover from recent losses.

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