Snapchat Launches Lenses for Dogs

Snapchat just released dog-friendly lensesOne of the best things about Snapchat is the fact that it has a tendency to think outside the box. The social media platform often acknowledges uses of its product that other companies might not be so interested in encouraging. For example, pretty much everyone has tried using a Snapchat lens on their pet. Last month, Snapchat officially recognized this fact and made it so that you could use Snapchat lenses on cats. Before this update you probably noticed that the lenses did not work quite as well as they needed to on cats because of the fact that they were designed for human faces. After the update, the lenses started to work perfectly on felines.

Now, Snapchat has taken a further step forward by making their lenses compatible for dogs. The social media platform has launched special lenses that are meant to work specifically on puppies.

Snapchat Launches Lenses for Dogs Owners for Amazing Pet Selfies

These lenses are pretty adorable and are surely going to become incredibly popular with dog owners everywhere! If you have a pet you know just how much fun it can be to mess around with them in this manner, so Snapchat has done a good job to capture this market.

Over the past couple of years, Snapchat has really been upping its object recognition game. From food to sports equipment and now adding pets to the list, the social media platform has done well to weather the onslaught brought on by the behemoth that is Facebook, using pretty much all of its properties to make Snapchat’s features seem less impressive than they actually are. These new lenses show that Snapchat may be the underdog in this battle, but it definitely knows how to hold its own and continuously launch features that would allow you to enjoy using the platform as much as possible.

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