Google Photos to Stop Offering Unlimited Storage to Unsupported Formats

Google Photos has always been a great place for people to store videos and photos, especially because of the fact that the platform offered actual limitless storage, even for larger files like videos. However, it seems like Google is going to become a bit more austere in this regard by preventing users from saving unsupported video formats on Google Photos. Since Google Photos is a cheap service, it seems understandable that Google would want to prevent perceived misuse of the platform. Google is giving its Google One service a push as a premium alternative, so if you want to use unsupported file formats you should definitely look into it.

All of that being said, it is very important to keep in mind that this is not a very major change at all. Indeed, a lot of the formats that are no longer being supported are not commonly used anyway, so it is likely that if you are a Google Photos user you are probably not going to be affected by this change in any serious way. However, some of the more major file formats that are no longer going to be supported include RAW and VOB, which are rather popular with some users. These users will definitely have to look into Google One if they want their files to stay as safe as possible.

According to a help page these are the formats that Google photos supports right now: .mp4, .mpg, .wmv, .avi, .divx, .mov, .m4v, .3gp, .3g2, .m2t, .m2ts, .mts, .mod, .mmv, .tod, .asf, and .mkv files.

Google Photos is still an excellent place for you to store your overall media library, especially if said media library is image centric overall. The important thing to remember is that unsupported file formats might get corrupted if they are left on your Google Photos account, so make sure you remove them if you don’t already have a bunch of copies lying around that you can use.

Google Photos will no longer provide unlimited storage for unsupported video files
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