YouTube Might Be Giving You More Control Over Suggestions

One of the more annoying aspects of YouTube is how the video streaming platform is a bit over excited about sharing what you could watch next after you have finished watching a certain video. It often plays what’s next on its curated playlist automatically, and while you can toggle the autoplay feature off you often don’t have quite as much control over whether or not you see suggestions in the first place. This lack of control can be very concerning for a lot of YouTube users. This is because of the fact that most people on YouTube already have an idea of what they want to watch. Also, the suggestions were often not related to what the users were originally watching.

YouTube seems to be giving its recommendation engine a good upgrade, according to reports from users in India and AndroidPolice. The platform seems to be testing the waters with these new features which include a series of lists that you can use to control what suggestions you want to see. This can go a long way towards improving the YouTube experience for users in general. It can help boost user retention by making it so that users can get the sort of experience that they are looking for and check out videos that are relevant to them at least in some way.
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YouTube is testing "Up Next" filters/categories on Android

Whatever the upgrade is, it will definitely be a step up from the mystifying autoplay that YouTube currently offers you. That is, if we end up getting it in the first place. Google might not like the way the upgrade works or it might not fit into the big picture that Google is trying to accomplish. Time will tell whether this much needed update will end up making it to the average person’s YouTube experience.
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