Instagram Tests Out Horizontal Feed to Widespread Criticism

Instagram briefly switched to a horizontal feed and social media users freaked outInstagram has always had a vertical scrolling feed, but for some reason the social media platform is really big on experimenting with horizontal feeds that would require you to scroll sideways. A lot of people were up in arms when the latest Instagram update left you only able to scroll sideways with no other options. This basically turned your entire feed into an Instagram stories like situation, one that people really didn’t like at all.

There were a number of things that people didn’t like. From the fact that you could only view one post at a time thus making it impossible to quickly scroll through your feed to the fact that comments had become slightly less accessible, it’s fair to say that the Instagram update was thoroughly poorly received, and that people were desperate to have the old Instagram back.

Instagram 'back to normal' after temporary change causes panic

Part of this is because of the fact that the horizontal feed wasn’t that good and part of it was because of the fact that we are all so used to the vertical feed since that is how Instagram has operated from the very start.

Both Instagram and Facebook have given contradictory statements about the test. A spokesperson for Instagram stated that the horizontal feed was part of a test that was supposed to be small but ended up going wider than previously anticipated. For some reason, a spokesperson from Instagram’s parent company Facebook stated that the horizontal feed was caused by a bug. It’s pretty clear that it wasn’t, and the fact that both companies are giving differing statements is cause for curiosity without a doubt. The feeds have gone back to normal thankfully, but users are going to be wary of any other updates that Instagram might have in the future.

Featured photo: Reuters/Dado Ruvic
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