Infographic: Survival Guide For Freelancers

The digital era has reduced the need for traditional workplaces and in-house employees. Today, professionals with credible qualifications and experiences are working from the comfort of their own home and earning a handsome salary.

In fact, it is predicted that over half of the American workforce will make the transition towards self-employment or freelance by the year 2027.

To an average 9 to 5 worker, becoming a freelancer would be an admirable occupation. Spending more time at home with family, being your own boss, and flexibility of doing tasks at own conveniences are just some of the rewards of working from home.

However, the same also has a few drawbacks that include an irregular income and losing health benefits. Nevertheless, for thousands of US individuals, the challenges are worth the hassle.
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Just like many others, if you are also planning to start your freelance journey, we have you covered with some survival tips that will help you navigate the obstacles with ease. Regardless of your skills and experience, you should be well-prepared financially and emotionally before embarking on the journey.

And always remember, even though you are working in a secluded environment, you should not work by yourself at all times. By growing your professional network and having a mentor, you can make your freelance journey a success.

Check out the infographic that highlights survival tips for freelancers.

How to Survive Life as a Freelancer (Infographic)
12 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Life as a Freelancer (Infographic)

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