Google’s Android TV Continues to Aggressively Expand

Android TV is Google’s foray into the world of home entertainment. Consisting of a set top box that connects to a Smart TV, this setup is essentially a big upgrade to the Chromecast. The Chromecast basically only allows you to send whatever it is that you are watching to your TV screen. Android TV, on the other hand, is an entire system, one that would enable you to download apps from the Play Store such as Netflix and the like and use said apps to watch whatever it is that you want to watch. Android TV is also quickly getting adopted by a wide variety of channels to broadcast their content.

Android TV is not Google’s first foray into entertainment industry. Rather, it is an attempt to reenter the market after the monumental failure that was Google TV. The setup is not all that popular in America as of right now, but an oncoming collaboration with DirecTV that involves using Android TV to provide cable television channels to consumers looks like it will change all of that. Android TV already has millions of users, and it seems like the user base is set to expand.
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The setup has quite a few cool features. The voice command is pretty futuristic, and the Google Cast feature is here as well much like with the Chromecast. That being said, Android TV’s fight for market acceptance will definitely be an uphill battle. This is because of the fact that Amazon already has a pretty firm hold on the market, and Apple and Roku have picked up whatever was left over after Amazon’s Fire TV swept the market. The collaboration with DirecTV is going to give all of these companies a run for their money, however.

Google's Android TV now has tens of millions of users and could soon have even more
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