Instagram Adds Countdown Sticker to its Stories Feature

Instagram Stories struggled to compete with the creators of this feature, Snapchat. However, over time the platform has made this feature seem increasingly more desirable, with one of the most recently added features being a countdown. This countdown allows people viewing the story to interact with it, and is a great feature that can be used for a variety of different occasions. One of the occasions in which a countdown can be used is a birthday, where you can countdown to the day that it finally arrives. You can also use it on New Year’s, which is an obvious use that Instagram probably acknowledges which is why it decided to release the countdown at this point in time.

If you want to use this feature, the process is quite simple. Add a picture to your story, tap on stickers, tap on countdown and add the name of the countdown. The next step involves tapping in the digits for said countdown, and then using the scrolling feature to set an end date for the countdown. An optional extra step that you can take is to change the color of the countdown. Subsequently, you can change the size of the sticker according to your needs, and place it anywhere on the screen that you would prefer.

Instagram Adds Countdown Sticker to its Stories Feature

This is a cool new feature that a lot of users are definitely going to enjoy using. The important thing to remember about this feature is that it shows that Instagram still has a user centric focus. Recent developments definitely made the app seem more business and brand-focused by offering specialized analytics as well as the introduction of the call to action feature. This feature is something that brands can also use, but is one of the more user-oriented features that Instagram has recently come out with.

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