Lawsuit Alleges Apple Lied About iPhone X Display

Lawsuit Alleges Apple Lied About iPhone X DisplayA lawsuit was recently filed in the US District Court of Northern California in which the plaintiffs claimed that Apple lied about the size and pixel counts of the displays in their entire iPhone X series. While this may seem like a frivolous lawsuit because one can’t imagine that Apple would try to do such a thing, if you look at the particulars of the lawsuit you would realize that it does make sense in a way.

In essence, the lawsuit alleges that the iPhone X is not “all screen” as Apple states. The screen size actually includes areas that the screen does not cover, including notches and corners. The size of the screen is marketed as being 5.8 inches, but if you really look into it you would find that the actual size of the screen is less than 5.7 inches. What’s more is that the pixel count is being disputed as well, a very serious accusation since Apple is widely known for advertising its pixel count and screen resolution in a pretty aggressive manner.
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The iPhone X is marketed heavily by talking about how it has a screen resolution of 2436x1125, but the lawsuit alleges that each pixel does not contain an adequate amount of subpixels. The phone only has two subpixels per pixel which is one less than it should have. This means that the screen on the iPhone 8S is actually a lot better than the screen on the latest iPhone.

Apple has a history of being sued by people that found issues with its products. Only time will tell whether this lawsuit will actually go anywhere. However, it’s safe to say that this does make Apple’s products seem a little less trustworthy to the average consumer.

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