Twitch Hosts Nearly Half Million Streamers Every Day

Twitch has become a rising star in the world of live streaming, particularly because of the fact that the streaming platform has become extremely popular with a variety of gaming streamers. It has been a very good year for the platform, and the release of Fortnite probably has something to do with that. Now, there are a half million people going live on the platform every single day. Twitch also has nearly a half million partners and affiliate streamers. These are people that actually earn money from streaming content on a regular basis. This is nearly double the number that we saw at the end of last year, proving that Twitch’s rise is still ongoing.

Further statistics on Twitch show that the platform is popular with viewers as well as streamers. At any given time, a million people will be watching streams on the platform. While it is true that Twitch still lags behind giants like YouTube, it should be noted that Twitch is a great deal younger than those platforms, and thus has a long way to go until it will be able to topple them from their throne. However, it is also important to note that Twitch is most certainly holding its own, and it is growing at a rapid rate every year.

People watch hundreds of billions of minutes of streaming every year on Twitch. The great thing is that all of these views are live. When Ninja featured Drake in one of his streams, the video ended up having nearly seven hundred thousand people watching. That is a live audience. Imagine an arena packed with seven hundred thousand people. This is what the platform is letting users do, and it is why it has become such an entrenched part of internet subculture.

Nearly 500,000 Consumers Are Livestreaming on Twitch Every Day
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