Google Photos Live Albums Has a Limit of 10,000 Images or Videos, And Users Are Not Happy

A few years back one gigabyte of storage was considered to be enough for the mobile users. But as time passes away advancement in the camera technology, that let the people to capture their moments in high-resolution. Due to that reason trends of photos taking and sharing took hype. Therefore, the demand for high storage in mobile also increased.

To overcome this problem Google recently introduced a new feature known as Google live album. It will not only provide a cloud storage but you can easily share your memories with your family members and friends instantly. But the biggest drawback of this feature is that you can only upload 10000 pictures in your live album after that paused warning appears on the album which means you cannot upload any more photos. After that, you have to use the conventional method to send the picture via Email.

Currently, Google is providing the facility of 10000 pictures or 10000 videos upload in a private Google live album and 20,000 in public albums, but it looks like this amount of storage is not enough for the users. We hope so Google will take out a solution for this limited number of picture uploads.
"Currently, you can add 10,000 photos or videos to a private album, or 20,000 for shared albums.", said Google Photos team in a response to a Twitter user's comment.
Google Photos also guided users to provide their opinion on support forum.

According to Google Photos, "Our product team greatly values feature suggestions. Feel free to share feedback with us here:"
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Google Photos Live Albums Feature Has a Limit of 10,000 Images

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Image via: Theverge.
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