G Suite Hangouts Users Now Have Smart Reply Feature

G Suite Hangouts Users Now Have Smart ReplyGoogle is big on finishing your sentences for you. This probably comes from a desire to streamline the process of writing an email or responding to a message. One place where this feature was direly needed was in Hangouts, especially for those users that were using G Suite. This suite is used by corporate users, and if you are having a meeting via Hangouts it is often very important indeed to look into ways in which you can save time so that you can get done with communications and get right to work.

Now, if you are using Hangouts on G Suite, you will be able to use a smart reply feature to get the job done as quickly as possible. This is not the first time that Google has offered a smart reply feature. It launched an app a few years ago named Inbox that gave you the ability to use intelligent replies to replace the process of typing out general messages that are a simple formality. Gmail has also been offering a similar feature for a while now. Whenever someone emails you, you get a few options for replies that you could potentially use so that you don’t have to type out a generic reply of your own.
"Smart Reply in Hangouts Chat uses sophisticated machine learning intelligence, similar to that behind Smart Reply in Gmail. Our technology recognizes which messages most likely need responses, and proposes up to 3 different replies.", announced GSuite team in a blog post.
This feature is currently only available in English, explained Google in a blog.

Basically, when you are in Hangouts chat, whenever someone sends a message you will get options that would probably be a generic response to whatever was said to you. There is an algorithm that detects the words that were said and tries to place them in the context of the meeting that was taking place. Whenever you click on a response it doesn’t get sent automatically. Instead, it gets added to your own message where you can personalize it a bit.

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