GitHub Announces Fastest Growing Programming Languages of 2018

If you are a programmer or a coder, you probably know what GitHub is and probably use it on a frequent basis. The web hosting service has just released a list of the fastest growing programming languages based on how many people actually used these languages over the past year. It seems like ease of use has been a big factor this year. Languages that require more static typing have become a lot more popular than they were the year before. A good example of this is Kotlin, which managed to get the top spot on the list that was released.

Two other languages that managed to get ranked pretty highly on this list were TypeScript as well as Rust, both of which are well known for the fact that they enable interoperability to a large extent. We are living in an era where everything does everything, and everything can be used anywhere. Languages that place emphasis on interoperability have thus seen a marked increase in popularity, with newer coders in particular favoring it for the aforementioned reasons.

It seems coding in general is becoming a lot more popular. Python, a programming language that is frequently used by people that are learning the ropes of the field, has been placed eighth on this list. This indicates that a lot of people are currently learning how to code, which is quite important because of the fact that coding is one of the most important skills that you can learn in such a technologically driven world.

A human readable language by the name of HCL has also seen a huge increase in usage. The language was noted to have been used twice as often as it was last year, which also tells you a lot about the patterns of coders.

The 10 fastest growing languages in 2018

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