Digital Marketing Predictions for 2019: Will they hold true?

As we say goodbye to 2018, predictions for the New Year starts rolling in on the World Wide Web for different niches including digital marketing.

Which trend will create a buzz in technology? What will be the latest methods to attract the consumer? Will the new technology survive until the end of the coming year?

Truthfully, we hear these and many predictions at the end or start of every year. Some come true while others falter.

In this guide, we aimed to do something different. Here we list down some of the predictions for 2019 that consumers and marketers can safely ignore, as chances of them being mainstream are thin. Take a look!

1. Voice Search – the new marketing gimmick

Since many years, we are hearing news regarding voice search and its implementation in marketing programs. Experts predict that in the coming year, voice search will be an essential marketing tool and used amply.

2. Virtual and augmented reality will make their place within brand marketing

Digital Marketing Predictions for 2019: Will they hold true?

Although adaption of these technologies remains minimal, we can expect more content to be produced on them in the future.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will displace marketers

Rumors regarding AI causing marketers to lose their jobs have been in the works for a few years. However, the technology is still in its infancy stage and we can expect more jobs for humans in the near term.

4. Chatbots will be a commonplace

Chatbots deliver efficiency when it comes to customer service. However, they are not effective when it comes to working outside customer services. Specifically, as a marketing tool, they have proved to be spammy and we do not expect them to be mainstream in the coming year.

5. The online ad industry will decrease

Although, advertising budgets are now mainly focused on social and native advertising – the overall spending towards the online ad industry will increase.

In fact, as the technology innovates, we can expect more spending towards the online paid media.

6. The video will overtake written content

Ten 2019 Digital Marketing Predictions You Should Probably Ignore

The video is cool – undoubtedly. However, it is expensive, especially when compared to the written content. Although marketers are utilizing more and more media on their platforms – we deem it unlikely that video content will overtake written ones soon.

7. The marketing technology landscape will diminish

Yes, the marketing industry is expecting consolidation. But for every company that goes down – 2019 will bring in three more. This means that there is no chance of the technology landscape shrinking in the future.

8. The brand newsroom will die

Brands are heavily investing in substitutes for newsrooms. However, despite their continuous efforts, the brand newsrooms – both outsourced and in-sourced did not budge and looks like are here to stay.

9. Persona-based marketing is dead

The persona-based marketing has been an asset for marketers and we don’t expect the technology to end anytime soon. In fact, we can hope for it to evolve more so marketers can target the demographics they want more efficiently.

10. Digital marketers will produce content for IoT (Internet of Things)

Nah. The IoT is still in its infancy stage and in 2019; it is more probable that digital marketers will utilize the data collected by these devices instead of exclusively producing content.

These were just some of the many predictions for 2019 that are very unlikely to hold true. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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