Facebook Messenger Gets Boomerang Support and Selfie Mode

Facebook Messenger was initially a rather confusing addition to the app store. No one really know why Facebook was separating this feature because the general trend in technology has always been to incorporate all features into a single platform. However, over the years Facebook’s move started to make a lot of sense. Instant messaging is a different beast altogether from social media. Facebook Messenger was the social media giant’s first foray into this field, a foray that would be further strengthened by the acquisition of the instant messaging behemoth that is WhatsApp.

Messenger has evolved even more to become one of many Facebook properties that seems dedicated to capturing that audience that Snapchat holds such a firm grasp on. Messenger’s camera mode is getting an update. Now the app is going to support boomerang videos which have become a popularly used feature in a variety of “Stories” based apps. Messenger stories are not all that popular at the moment, so it seems like this addition is an attempt on Facebook’s part to try and make this app seem like a more legitimate place to add stories and the like.

All in all, Facebook Messenger’s camera now has five different modes that you will be able to use. These five modes include the normal mode that you have probably already used, a new video feature, text addons that you can use for a variety of situations, the aforementioned boomerang feature and finally a new selfie mode.

All of these updates seem to be rather strange after a recent Messenger revamp that made the whole interface a lot smoother and simpler. It seems odd that Facebook would clutter up the simple interface but perhaps these features were necessary and will make Messenger a much more fun app to use.

Facebook introduces Boomerang support and selfie mode for Messenger
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