Facebook Further Expands the “Watch” Feature

Facebook recently introduced a new feature that many people had been predicting. The “watch” feature was something that allowed people to watch content on Facebook on a centralized location. While it was initially only included in the Facebook app, it seems like Facebook will be expanding this feature and bringing it to places like the desktop version of the website as well as Facebook Lite.

This seems a little strange when you consider the fact that Facebook Watch has not been getting as much traction as the platform might have been hoping for. It is still too early to tell whether or not the Facebook Watch experiment is going to be a success or whether it will truly give one of Facebook’s content competitors, YouTube, a run for its money, but Facebook is definitely going at it hard.
"Three months since our global launch, there are already more than 400 million people monthly and 75 million people daily who spend at least one minute on [Facebook] Watch — and on average, these 75 million daily visitors spend more than 20 minutes in Watch.", said Fidji Simo, Head of Video in a Facebook blog post.
It makes sense that Facebook will invest so much in their “Watch” feature when you consider the fact that they are relying on it in order to make the platform seem like a viable place for content creators to upload their content and connect with their fan followings. This is especially true when you dig deeper into the case that YouTube creators have been rather unsatisfied by the platform as of late and have been looking for an alternative way to get the sort of outreach that they need.

Facebook seems to be adamant that Watch is a success, fluffing up the numbers to make it seem like Watch is a lot more popular than it actually is. However, if you look into the numbers a little more deeply, you are going to see that Watch is only being used by one out of ever six Facebook users. It also has a pretty poor retention rate so far.

Facebook Further Expands the “Watch” Feature
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