Bitcoin Scammers Are Blackmailing Schools, Hospitals, Govt. Institutes With Bomb Threats

An email has been going around recently, one that has been sent to schools, government offices and hospitals, that claims that a bomb attack will occur if the recipients of the email do not send a ransom in the form of bitcoin to the sender of the email. The email refers to a mercenary that has planted a small bomb on the premises, a bomb that will go off if the amount, which is reportedly said to be 20,000 dollars in bitcoin, is not paid as quickly as possible. The good thing is that the threat is most likely a hoax, although the address of the bitcoin wallet seems legitimate.
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In light of all of these findings it seems that someone was trying to extort bitcoin. The general scam must have been to scare people enough that they would end up sending them money just in case the threat was real. The boldness of the scammers is astounding, however. They contacted the FBI as well, which seems like a foolish thing to do since this is the federal investigative agency of the country and probably has the resources to find a bomb on its premises in no time at all.

It seems that there is a series of bomb threats occurring all over the country. The notorious Columbine High School which was the site of a school shooting not all that long ago was also threatened, although authorities are unsure if the bomb threat is legitimate or not. These threats are going to further fuel debate regarding public security, as well as the ever present question of whether bitcoin is the cause of all of this mayhem or whether it is just a means to an end to the various extortionists and scammers.
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Bitcoin Scammers Threaten Schools, Hospitals, Governments Offices With Bomb Threats

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