2018 Data Leaks Reveal Worst Passwords

The past year has resulted in vast amounts of data being leaked. Over five million passwords have been leaked, and this has allowed us to figure out some of the worst passwords that people have been keeping. This passwords are the result of some pretty serious irresponsibility on the part of users. If you have passwords like the ones that have been mentioned here, it is highly recommended that you change them if you want your account to remain as secure as possible.

Unsurprisingly, the two worst passwords that people keep are numerical sequences from 1 to 6 as well as the hilariously simple “password”. There are a few more amusing passwords that people have been keeping. It seems like Donald Trump continues to have a pretty serious hold over the public imagination because of the fact that the 23rd worst password according to a list released by SplashData, a password management company, is “donald”.
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A lot of the passwords on the list that was released have always been there, but there are a few changes. Some people have tried to be smart by using !@#$%^& instead of 1234567, but these symbols also form a sequence that is easy to crack. A few people tried to add a letter before and after the numeric sequence. One of the more intriguing new entries in the list is “sunshine” at number 8. It is unknown why people started using this so often this year, but the popularity is there. It is too simple a password which is why it has been included in this list.

If you want to make a good password, you need to add letters and numbers to it, preferably out of sequence. This will help keep your account as secure as possible.
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The 25 worst passwords of 2018, based on 5 million passwords leaked on the internet
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