Facebook Messenger Lite Gets an Upgrade

The Messenger app has completely changed the way we approach that particular aspect of Facebook’s overall set of services and features. It has become an excellent messaging app in its own right, but one problem that prevented it from proliferating even further was that the app is quite heavy. This is why Facebook introduced Messenger lite, something that will give people a decent alternative that they can look into if they want to be able to message their Facebook friends without any of the extra features.

The lack of extra features was a bit of a bother, though. Messenger Lite is very inferior to the standard Messenger app, which was a big problem because the perfect solution would be a light app that gets all of the various jobs you need it to perform done. This is why Facebook seems to be beefing their Messenger Lite app up a little by adding some features that were sorely needed but just weren’t there for the time being.

Facebook Messenger Lite Gets File Sharing, New Customizability Options

One of the most important features that you will now get when you use Messenger Lite is the file sharing option. This feature is extremely important because of the fact that it allows you to connect more fully with people, and the fact that Messenger Lite did not have it was a pretty big problem for quite a few people.
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Some less impressive but undoubtedly cool features that are being added to Messenger Lite are the option to send GIFs which adds a bit of color to your conversations as well as more customization options. This app is currently used by over two hundred million people which is already an enormous number, but with these new features it seems like more people are going to be getting on the Messenger Lite bandwagon.
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