Google Wages War Against Spam YouTube Accounts

Content creators on YouTube frequently flaunt their subscriber counts in an attempt to display their popularity, but many of these creators might be seeing a sudden drop in these numbers. This is because of the fact that YouTube will be removing spam accounts. These spam accounts may not be that large in number in terms of popular YouTubers, but it is fair to say that they have a pretty significant presence. After all, a lot of people have noticed comments all around YouTube that post fake links and the like, or make comments in broken English that are often obscene in nature.

YouTube has stated that the drop in subscriber counts might be significant though, because this time around they are going to be a lot stricter with removing accounts. This may be a good thing for YouTube creators because of the fact that it can level the playing field a little. The way the internet works is rather strange. You can buy followers quite easily in order to boost your numbers. These followers will be fake accounts, however, which means that these creators are giving themselves an unfair advantage.
"Heads up [Creators] that on December 13-14, 2018 you may see a noticeable decrease in your subscriber count as we remove spam subscriptions from your channel. We regularly verify the legitimacy of accounts and actions on your YouTube channel.", said Mr. Jordan from YouTube team on Google Help Forum. Explaining further, "We’ve recently identified and fixed an issue that caused some spam not to be removed. Today/tomorrow, we’ll be taking action and removing subscribers that were in fact spam from our systems."
This is part of routine maintenance that YouTube conducts on a frequent basis. The announcement was directed at creators, ostensibly in an attempt to alert them of what is happening so that they are not alarmed by the sudden drop in their number of subscribers. YouTube will also be removing accounts that have a disproportionate number of spam accounts in their followers from the YouTube Partner Program, which is a way for people to generate revenue off of the videos that they upload to the video streaming platform. This is a good change that needed to happen, and it will probably make the platform a better place for content creators.
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YouTube users may see ‘noticeable decrease’ in subscriber count as company tackles spam
Photo: Thomas Trutschel via Getty Images
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