Recent Study Indicated That Social Media Platforms Are Increasingly Distrusted

Recent research from Tapatalk that took into account the opinions of about a thousand Americans indicated that social media sites are less trusted than ever. This is pretty understandable when you consider the fact that they have been taking advantage of users for quite some time now. There is also the fact that a lot of users are beginning to understand just how much social media sites stand to gain from the data that users give it to it every day. There is also the fact that Facebook was responsible for the spread of a great deal of information all across the world, so much so that it might have affected the US presidential elections which is definitely something that could potentially end up causing problems for a lot of people.

Almost seventy-five percent of respondents stated that they felt that social media sites had gotten less reliable and trustworthy in recent times. About the same number of people stated that they felt like specialized forums were a much better source of information, which is a good thing because of the fact that people need to start realizing a lot more.

Facebook seems to be trying to deal with this by creating communities within the groups feature. People are less likely to post their views to their profiles nowadays, and Facebook need to figure out a way to make this change if they want to be taken seriously in the future. It seems like the age of social media might be starting to enter its twilight, although it is fair to say that these social media platforms still have a lot of time to turn things around, and seeing their current response makes it seem like they just might be successful.

New Study Finds Distrust in Social Networks is Rising [Infographic]
Recent Study Indicated That Social Medias Are Increasingly Distrusted
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