New Phishing Scam Involves Netflix

A New Netflix Phishing Scam Is Making Its RoundsA phishing scam can be pretty annoying, and sometimes it can be downright destructive because of the fact that it can result in significant financial loss that you would have to deal with. However, the internet in general has become quite wary of phishing scams and the various problems that they could end up causing. Your email service provider probably filters the vast majority of phishing scams and prevents them from reaching your inbox. However, it is important not to get complacent when it comes to things like phishing scams because of the fact that they can often slip through the cracks as well.

A prime example of this is a recent phishing scam that is going around, one that involves none other than Netflix. The scam basically involves you getting an email that is ostensibly from Netflix, one that asks you to update your payment details claiming that your account will be on hold until you do so. Presumably when you click on the link you will be taken to a site that looks a lot like Netflix where you will enter your payment details. These payment details will be subsequently stolen and will be used to siphon off funds from your account.
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New Phishing Scam Involves Netflix, example of email

If you have received an email like this, the best thing would be to just delete it and move on with your life. Phishing scams need active participation, if you are not giving away your details you are probably not going to have to worry about anything. Also, if you ever get emails like this make sure you contact your service provider to confirm before you enter any payment details otherwise you could potentially end up suffering significant financial loss. Just because we have worse things out there doesn’t mean phishing attempts can’t be a huge nuisance.

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