Fortnite Battle Royale: A Guide (Infographic)

If you are not a gamer, or if you are one but not familiar with this particular game, then this is one fun experience for you to go through. Battle Royale is an online adventure trek through the wilderness of a woodland where you play along with around 100 people online and try to survive through the journey.

The forest is a dangerous place, without a civilization to rely on. You will find the hidden armory lying around to help you aid through the whole experience. As the game progresses, the people are pushed to be near each other vicinity and the fight to survival gets fierce at each stage.

This game is quite addictive as it’s a lively experience from the comfort of your couch in front of your computer screen.

Another thing is the fact that this game is conducted in short cycles of 20 minutes.

The following infographic helps in better demonstrating the game and its basic aspects in much vivid details:
Fortnite: A short intro-guide to the biggest battle royale game

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