Campaign Manager has now more Powerful Tools, announced LinkedIn

On Monday, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions announced a new feature in the professional network's campaign manager, i.e, the beta release of objective-based advertising.

All LinkedIn advertisers will be able to access this new feature from November 14, described Nikin Julka in a blog post. He further added that the Campaign Manager has been overhauled completely.

The LinkedIn's campaign will be created based on the primary objective, i.e, video views, website clicks, and lead generation.

He further added that only those features and ad format will be surfaced which support the primary objective while some more enhancements have been added for the advertisers' guidance.
"Objective-Based Advertising will serve as the foundation for future innovation to come, making it easier and more intuitive to launch ads and meet your business goals on Campaign Manager.", wrote Nitin Julka, Group Product Manager at LinkedIn, in a blog post.
A number of the pinpointed improvements are:
  • Navigation has been made easier by combining multiple screens into a single flow that means the advertisers have to roam to fewer pages. 
  • A complete redesign of the LinkedIn targeting tools. 
  • Estimation of expected results on the basis of campaign inputs. 
  • During the creation of the Ad, a new preview of the live Ad has been enabled for the advertisers. 
  • A complete revamp in the Campaign Manager to make it more responsive and faster. With this revamp, new updates will be released more quickly. 
The new campaign creation flow is working smoothly along with the reporting experience that was introduced in July. It will enable us to make more innovations easily in the future to help you meet your business goals, said Julka.
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LinkedIn to Overhaul its Campaign Manager for an Easier Advertising Experience
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