A clear decline in Internet Freedom around the World, reported by Freedom House

A group that monitors internet freedom named Freedom House reported that governments are trying to increase their control over users' data and online freedom around the world is has been declined since last eight years consecutively.

Federal Communications Commission repealed the net neutrality rules due to which internet freedom has declined in the United States in 2018. In other countries, the position is worse than the U.S. as 17 out of 65 had more violent laws against media. China has been an inspiration for other countries as they are accepting Chinese training and technology. Freedom House named this practice as an effort to spread Chinese based system of censorship.

Sri Lanka and India have a more worst situation as both the countries had shut down the access to the internet or imposed limited access in certain areas to overcome ethnic and religious conflicts. It happened when the mobs killed citizens after misinformation spread through social media against the minor religious and ethnic groups in both the countries.
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According to the report:
  • Since June 2017, 15 countries considering new laws featuring "data protection" which may force companies to make user data easy to access for governments, while 18 countries' governments had increased state surveillance.
  • Commentators, bots, and trolls have been paid by the governments in 32 countries to manipulate online conversations and facts using WhatsApp and other messaging apps.
  • The report praised Armenian citizens for their display of maturity while using social media and communication apps for a peaceful revolution in early 2018.
  • The new prime minister in Ethiopia released bloggers and activists who were detained by previous governments. The action was taken to dispose of restrictions on the communication means.

Internet freedom continues to decline around the world, a new report says

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