Investigation by EU into Google AdSense is about to end

Reuters reported that antitrust investigation into Google Adsense is going to end soon, as per Margrethe Vestager told to reporters. Vestager is EU's Competition Commissioner.

Google's parent company, Alphabet has received a €2.4 billion fine as the company was found demoting the shopping services of competitors in searches. Another massive fine of €4.34 billion is also imposed on them for implementing illegal restrictions on Android's use.

Like the mentioned two cases, another investigation is also underway into AdSense to find out whether Google abused its authority to suppress its competitors. EU believe that Google made use of its advertising tools almost impossible for third parties and they were stopped from displaying search ads from the company's competitors.

Vestager is among the most popular politicians in the tech sphere and she has led charges against the tech giants. She highly supports the use of technology to serve people. She strongly feels that the illegal steps by Google can affect innovation in tech.

It is expected that EU's long struggle to harness Google will be ended with this case, and it will be the most dramatic in terms of imposed fines.

EU's Vestager says probe into Google AdSense case nearing end
Image: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

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