Marketing Hacks: Using Influencer Generated Content to its Fullest Potential (infographic)

The way content used to be made was very different from the way it is currently being made. It used to be something that took ages to complete, but now there are influencers that make content on the fly based on all of the current trends and the responses they get are far better than what big content creators used to get back in the day. However, if you are getting a large amount of influencer generated content (IGC), one thing that you should definitely keep in mind is the fact that this content is not something you just use once and then throw away.

Quite on the contrary, influencer generated content is the sort of thing that can be repurposed and reposted a lot of times without seeming like you are recycling the same thing over and over again. If this is not how you are using influencer generated content, then it’s safe to say that you’re just not leveraging this content to its fullest potential and you should definitely consider adopting this strategy if you want to see great success in the near future. The following infographic, created by AspireIQ, will help you use IGC the right way. The visual highlights why influencer content outperforms traditional studio-shot creative, where to propose influencer content, and how to get started with IGC.

How to get more out of influencer generated content - a guide to repurposing (infographic)

Key stats from above visual:

Influencer content on social media earn more than 8x the engagement rate of brand-directed content.

Influencer generated content had an 88 percent greater impact on increasing brand affinity than even user reviews.

40 percent marketers use influencer content in email because it offers the ultimate social proof.
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