Safeguard your devices from being maliciously use by crypto mining hackers (infographic)

Life is at much ease because of having so many electronic devices and gadgets around us. No doubt these devices have brought a comfort but at some point these devices increase the risk of many people to come and hack them. There are many kinds of hacking among which is crypto mining. Now let’s talk what basically crypto mining is, hackers take control of different smartphones and PCs and their processing powers to mine for their own financial gain. A big problem is that how an ordinary user can know that his or her device is under crypto mining attack? Well answer is that battery starts getting low quickly, unwanted links get opened after downloading apps or videos and users may face device overheating problem.
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So, how to stop these hackers and cryptojacking attempts? Don’t download apps and media until or unless they are from reputable companies or official app stores. Install mining blocking plugins and keep your devices updated.

Cryptojacking criminals are finding more and more ways of hacking people's processing power to mine cryptocurrency (particularly Monero and Bitcoin) for their own profit. If you are concerned about your device's performance, follow these tips (featured in the infographic below) to find out if that's happening and what you can do to prevent it.

How to protect your devices from crypto-miners - infographic

In above infographic you'll discover, who is hijacking your devices to mine cryptocurrency? What's so bad about cryptojacking? How to stop crypto-miners from targeting your devices? How to tell if your computer is being used to mine cryptocurrency?

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