11 Tech's Successful CEOs And Their Eccentric Habits, Feat. Bill Gates, Yoshiro Nakamatsu, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos & More

The entrepreneurs who invent something exceptional in this world have a few qualities that are not quite as prevalent in the ordinary and sometimes, specifically unique to them only.

These qualities, which may seem odd, and utterly senseless to some people, meant more than just some quirks to their possessor and they proved their worth. They never cared and perhaps this was the reason that they were able to do something that was enchanting and remarkable. They created the pillars on which our new world lies.
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From residing in a room made of gold, yes actual gold bricks, to have colorful pens that instigate creativity, these habits are over a wide range of, what a common man would call, weird, but as far from sanity as they sound, they really do give their owners a power to create the things that are insanely distinguished and appreciable, be it a floppy disk, or the world of Microsoft.

Following are a few more such entrepreneurs and their habits:

Eccentric habits that drive 11 of tech's most powerful players - infographic

Infographic courtesy of: Whoishostingthis.
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