Facebook continues to hold the throne of social media

Facebook took a humongous risk when it made the transition to mobile back in the year 2012. Fortunately, for Mark Zuckerberg and his career – the changeover went quite well.

Today, Facebook generates a majority of its revenue from mobile advertising and owns several of the most popular apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp. Earlier this year, Instagram became the fourth platform under Facebook’s umbrella to reach the one billion monthly active users threshold.

Comparatively, other social media apps such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest are still trying hard to reach 500 million users. For them, the billion threshold seems far off especially when Facebook and the other companies under its portfolio have a massive number of loyal users. Facebook is also working hard to keep credibility for its namesake platform and constantly announcing new measures to build the trust of its users.

Facebook (Still) Dominates Social Media - infographic
Chart Source: Statista.

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