Google making use of AI to assist the New York Times digitize 5 million historical photos

The New York Times taps Google's AI to find stories in old photosIn a basement under the Times Square location of New York Times are cabinets and drawers filled with more than 5 million photos along with their publication date and reasons to publish. The huge collection of historical images has been lying in the office for many years but now the paper is collaborating with Google who are helping them digitize the images.

According to NYT’s chief technology officer Nick Rockwell, most of the pictures date back to the 19th century and exist nowhere in the world. It is a priceless treasure of not just The Times but also for the world who can witness the transformation of the old times to the modern world today through these pictures.

Google is now using the technology of artificial intelligence to scan the hand and type notes on the pictures and categorizing the images. Google also says that the paper can use their object recognition tools to extract more information from these images for future use.
"Helping The New York Times transform its photo archive fits perfectly with Google’s mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.", said Sam Greenfield Technical Director at Google Cloud, in a blog post.
However, the images will not be accessible to the public but it does show us how AI can make a huge difference in preserving ancient items such as pictures and making them more available.

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