Research Supported Facebook Efforts Giving Fruitful Results In Controlling Misinformation

Now after some hard time, Facebook slowly started rebranding itself to clear all the grime attached to them. For that reason Facebook has posted a blog, claiming the improvement and efforts they have done to minimize the fake news. The way Cambridge analytica damage the overall reputation no one was expecting. But according to my opinion they can avoid this all. It was not done all of sudden. Facebook might have learned from the Arab spring. They ignored how some people exploited this platform to feed their political agenda if they have taken it seriously at that point. They don’t have to face the Cambridge analytica scandal.

As we all know Facebook is going from high time from the past last one year. They have to face different scandals. Therefore, Facebook is trying their best to clean the image as people are already looking towards other options. Though Facebook biggest rival Google made some ease to Facebook by closing down Google Plus at the very right time that will ultimately provide a limited option for the users, as other alternate social or communication platform (Instagram and WhatsApp) already owned by social media giant Facebook.

But that does not mean that Facebook is in a comfortable seat, as most of the revenue generated by the parent company itself. So if Facebook hurts it will definitely have an impact on a company as a whole. Therefore, Facebook using every single lifeline to rebuild its trust among the customers.
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Recently three independent research on Facebook fake news control has been done by the Stanford University/New York University, the University of Michigan, and French newspaper Le Monde and the result was somehow favoring the Facebook. According to their research, they have found almost 50% improvement in controlling the fake news. So we can expect it will not again use for the political purpose or to feed any hidden agenda.

That is really great news for Facebook. It will definitely boost the moral for the experts and engineers who were behind this all efforts. But we can’t sure whether this will help Facebook in rebuilding the trust as they were hit by massive hacking just a few days before. Currently, Facebook is fighting on many fronts. Still, we hope so that it will somehow minimize the damage that already done to Facebook.
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New Research Shows Facebook Making Strides Against False News
Image: Facebook.
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